Matt Brooks Is Committed To Outdoor Sports

Posted by Admin / November 15th, 2012

Matt Brooks of San Francisco is a California native with a life-long interest in outdoor sports. He began sailing at an early age in Monterey Bay and eventually began racing in San Francisco Bay with his first yacht, the Quarter Pounder. He sailed under the St. Francis flag and has been a member of the St. Francis Yacht Club since 1976. William Mathews Brooks is also an accomplished mountaineer with first ascents in the Sierras and French alps. He founded a company committed to providing top quality mountaineering gear and recently received the Presidential Gold Medal as awarded by the American Mountain Guides Association. Finally, Matt Brooks is an accomplished aviator and began soloing as a pilot at the young age of 13. He has since gone on to set various world records in flying and is known for flying a specialized Citation business jet.

Matt Brooks Cares About Charity

William Mathews Brooks cares very much for the communities he belongs to, whether through sport or location. He is a member and contributor to several different groups and charities. He belongs to three yacht clubs, including the New York Yacht Club, the Antigua Yacht Club and the aforementioned St. Francis Yacht Club. He is a trustee at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the International Yacht Restoration School and the Brooks-Mathews Foundation, where he is both the vice-president and a trustee. He is also a long-standing director and officer at the American Mountain Guides Association. Additionally, Brooks served as the Chairman of the Girls, Inc.

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